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Welcome to the Dps Dae Indian Job Recruitment Portal

Welcome to Vidhya 360, an Indian job recruitment portal focusing on the Directorate of Purchase and Stores, Department of Atomic Energy (DPS DAE) contracts and employment opportunities. Vidhya 360 is a central platform for courses, guides, news and virtually everything you need on DPS DAE employment and project opportunities. Our portal focuses solely on the process of qualifying, applying for and securing employment and contracts at one of India’s biggest procurement directorates.

Since its inception, Vidhya 360 has provided training, information, and guidance on working for or at the DPS DAE. The classified nature of most of the information on the DPS DAE’s activities has made securing jobs and contracts an arduous task. Our portal aims to equip our readers and followers with the right skills to navigate these hurdles seamlessly.

At Vidya 360, we will provide you with a 360-degree view of the Indian job market, opportunities and possible hurdles. We understand the obstacles faced by fresh graduates and young startups in penetrating India’s government establishment. By providing simplified access to information, we hope to ease the absorption process.

Let Vidhya 360 take you through the DPS:

Vendor enrolment process

Public procurement policies

CERN Tenders and e-tenders

Contracts terms

Recruitment process

We Are DPS DAE Experts

The highly competitive Indian job market has made it extremely difficult for new graduates to gain employment in government establishments. The government contract process faces a similar situation. Vidhya 360 will help guide you on the process of securing contracts and employments with the DPS DAE.

Vidhya 360 will also put you through the rigours of DPS DAE examinations. Our experts will provide you with courses, syllabus, tutorials, and relevant areas of focus. Vidhya 360 is a portal to help you realise your dreams of one day becoming an “atom in the service of the nation.”


Who Is The DPS DAE?

The DPS is one of the three service directorates under the Department of Atomic Energy, a department with headquarters in Maharashtra, Mumbai. The DAE carries out research in astronomy, cancer, basic sciences, nuclear and allied fields, mathematics, and astrophysics. The DAE utilises the services of its DPS to procure the materials and services required for its activities.

The directorate is responsible for purchasing and storing materials used in most of India’s research and development centres. These include the Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research and the Nuclear Fuel Complex. At the helm of the DPS is a Director who acts on the Council’s recommendations and the Stores Purchase Committee.

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Working For The DPS DAE

DPS DAE is one of the most preferred places to work in India. The Mumbai facilities are excellent, with one of the highest salaries offered by any government department. Employees at the headquarters get access to subsidised food, transportation, a gymnasium and regular training. Staff also have the opportunity to participate in high-level research with top scientists.

There are two ways you can work for the DPS DAE, as an employee or as a contractor. Each process involves a tough screening procedure that requires an understanding of DPS operations and a firm knowledge of the job or contract prerequisites. Vidhya 360 will put you in good stead to commence a career or earn a contract in one of India’s foremost research institutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to India’s large population and high density of skilled labour, it is extremely difficult to get employment. Job applicants in India face strenuous application processes for keenly contested roles.

DPS DAE tenders can only be submitted by enrolled bidders on the e-tenders platform or through a public tender. The prequalification process to submit bids involves registering on the DPS e-tender application portal. This process is open to both Indians and foreigners.

Vidhya 360 can help you through the process of meeting the mandatory requirements for the submission of a valid tender. We also provide updates on tender invitations, training and certifications to help businesses keep abreast with the going-ins at the DPS DAE. Vidhya 360 does not submit tenders for businesses.